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John Santikos sold the Mission IV Drive-In to the City of San Antonio on Thursday, October 11, 2007, for $3,500,000.00. The city is planning to study the issue for four months and then raze the drive-in to build museums, libraries, and a veteran's memorial. I think we should protest this move. New slogan: San Antonio does not destroy!

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In the first Photo Album the pictures were taken inĀ  the 1980's. In the secondĀ  Photo Album at the bottom
about 50 photographs were taken by Gary Yantis on Friday, November 9, 2007 at the Mission Drive-In. These photos were added on November 10, 2007. Let's hope this is not the last hurray for the Mission. We need your support more than ever to help keep at least Mission Drive-In screen 1 open. Write to your local paper and write to your city councilman to let them know how you feel.

Double click on the Photo Albums below to see a slide show.

Double click on the Photo Album below to see a slide show. The photos in the album were taken by Gary Yantis in the 1980's.

The Mission Drive-In Theatre was built in 1948 by Louis and John Santikos. The name was later changed to Mission Twin in 1958. It is now Mission IV and remains the only drive-in still in operation. Its address is 3100 Roosevelt Av.

These three images provided by Gerald Lyda.
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