San Antonio Theatres:
Now & Then
Past & Present
This first theatre may not be considered an adult theatre, but by todays standards, it probably would be.

Arts Cinema, located about two blocks south of San Antonio College, on N. Main Ave. The time it existed was the mid-sixties and it was in business for two years before being closed down because of neighborhood complaints and more complaints from San Antonio College. It showed controversial foreign films such as "I, A Woman", "I  Am  Curious  Yellow",  and  probably the most controversial was "Deep Throat". It was later a live performing arts theatre.

Star Theatre was the name change of the Sam Houston Theatre, a few blocks from Ft. Sam Houston. The venue was changed from family movies to adult fare with the name change. It later became Star Burlesque. It is now a vacant lot. This was during the 1960's.

Joy Theatre showed adult fare on W. Houston St. and later on N. St. Marys St. It existed from 1940-1969 on W. Houston and reopened on St. Marys in 1979.

Some additional adult theatre names were Evil Eve Adult Theatre, Ghia Adult Theatre, Paris Adult Theatre, Puss N Boots Adult Theatre, Studio Theatre, Vegas Adult Theatre

Prince Theatre, Empire Theatre both started showing adult fare in their later stages, just before closing up as did many drive-in theatres, trying to compete with main-stream movies and television.

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