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I've recently had a conversation with Mr. Paul Adair of Dallas, TX. When Paul was younger, he worked as a projectionist for the ABC Interstate Theatre Circuit. He worked at a number of theatres including the Empire in San Antonio. Paul is going to share a number of his photographs of the Interstate Theatre Circuit with us. We're glad to have him with us. 

Paul was gracious enough to send me some photographs of the Interstate Theatre Circuit to share with you. The photographs to the right are of San Antonio Theatres. The photographs to the bottom right are of Houston. The photographs below are of Dallas.

To see more photographs click here, Paul Adair, page two.

Dallas Theatres--double click on the photo album to see a slide show.

I visited the site a week or two ago.   Have they screwed up  the EMPIRE, or what ?   They don't even know when it was painted white, by whom, or why.   I worked for him 1965-1967 as projectionist.   COLORS STIR IMAGINATION !  Ages ago, I considered it as a double feature grindhouse -- '40s  and '50s style.   Move a bunch of TEXAS seats over, etc  and the POLAROID 3-D glasses cleaner in the TEXAS basement  plus more.   I met with Mrs. Strauss and was to hear back --- nothing.   Bob Polunsky was very supportive !  I "adopted" 3 seats to be refurbished at $75 each and they bait-and-switched  to stackable chairs. Later donated set of MAJESTIC blue-
prints --- not even a thank-you note.   Tell me the decor at  the box office won't scare kids away !   I took a "tour" in which  we got to sit in the left balcony.   Aren't most tours "We're   walking, we're walking" sort of things?   Most tour members  thought the place was "strange" and such.   And that gash   in the once star-litsky !    Heck !    Well, I have some 1948 pictures from the lease files AND IT WAS NOT WHITE !  It   was beautifully full-colored when I first visited projectionist  (from Seguin) in 1959.   Otwell re-did a nice sidewalk front, hung the lobby ceiling and painted most of the auditorium
to "modernize" it, with his son Larry.   Both died in a plane crash near Crystal City in 1967.     Basically, the EMPIRE    was a pink-and-Grecian garden and the 2 "maidens" DO have names, but I've challenged the people to tell me their names.  No reply yet.   I sent Kirk Feldmann a packet of photos and some DVDs -- no thank-you or any reply.
     Also  google the benefits of the color pink.  It even relaxes  and calms THE BLIND !   Check out the restoration stories of the theatre and the contradictions !  As for a big draw!  Now check out the NEW BEVERLY CINEMA.
      Also, check out the EMPIRE rental rates !  $3,000 or so per day !    Dinner time.    More later.   Thanks for keeping in touch ! ! !  
San Antonio Theatres--double click to see slide show.

Houston Theatres--double click to see slide show.

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