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Alice Geron has been my friend since January, 1981. John Igo introduced us. We were originally going to write a fictional account of Jack Harris and Ben Thompson, but never finished the project. We did go on and create the Do Noth'in Gang, which was a luncheon group in San Antonio. Later we put on the Jack Harris Centennial in 1982. Since then we have just been good friends and working on projects together. Ms. Geron has a book publishing business, Watercresspress.

She has been editing and publishing books since about 1975.

Yes, she did edit the update to the Blue Book and wishes to take credit for it. Back in 1981 she did not want to take credit for it.


Alice has recently published a new book that she wrote herself.

In the Bend of the Middle Bosque:

           The Story of Harry Chauncey Chamberlin at Windsor Ranch
           by Alice Calkins Geron

The story of the Chamberlin family is typical of the period in Texas history when immigrants from the East were flooding into the new state as farmers, entrepreneurs, and exploiters to take advantage of its rapid expansion and development. The five siblings from Vermont came, one by one, between 1840 and 1882 and settled in the central part of the state. In Belton, lawyer David Tolles Chamberlin established the first bank in Central Texas and later was one of the men who built the Suspension Bridge in Waco.
R.M. Chamberlin spent twenty years in San Francisco and the Napa Valley before moving to Waco to become one of the first land developers in the area. Don joined his brother in Belton and enlisted in a Texas Ranger company to chase Indians in Coryell, Lampasas, and Hamilton counties. Frances married a Baylor professor and established a private academy in Waco. Harvey was a lawyer and farmer in Belton, Waco, and finally in San Angelo.
Alice Geron has traced the family roots from England to Vermont to Texas, then concentrated on the early life of her grandfather, Harry Chauncey Chamberlin, and the establishment of his Windsor Ranch on the Middle Bosque River near Crawford in McLennan County.
8 ½ x 11, paper, x, 188 pages, with photographs, maps, and genealogical tables
ISBN 13: 978-0-934955-70-6
$35 including s/h and sales tax
Order from Geron & Associates at:
Watercress Press
111 Grotto Blvd.
San Antonio, TX 78216

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