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Paula Allen is a columnist for the San Antonio Express-News:

There will be some links below and if you have any questions, send them to her and she will try and get an answer for you. We are glad to have Paula Allen on our site. She has written many fine columns for us in the past. Thank you Paula!!

I've been writing a question-and-answer column about local history for the San Antonio Express-News since 1992, and during that time there have been many questions about the city's old movie theaters. Readers have asked about the Majestic, the Aztec, the State, the Nacional, the Hi-Ho and more obscure older theaters. They've been interested in how long the theaters operated, what happened to the theater organs and other fittings from their heydays and other topics that bring up nostalgia about good times in the old movie palaces as well as the neighborhood theaters.
This site's webmaster, Gary Yantis, as you can see from other pages, has done considerable research on San Antonio's old theaters and has been helpful with information about them. I'm hoping we can open up the discussion to include all who remember the theaters and would like to share memories and facts about them.
To see samples of my column, visit The most recent columns can be reached there, on, the online presence of the San Antonio Express-News. Questions on topics other than theaters may be sent to the column e-mail,
As I receive questions about San Antonio theaters, I'll post queries here. Please feel free to comment on those you remember or to ask theater questions of your own. I'll also post links to Express-News coverage of developments concerning the old San Antonio theaters and will let users of this forum know when a column about a theater is scheduled to run.
Thanks for your participation!
Paula Allen

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