San Antonio Theatres:
Now & Then
Past & Present
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Grand Opera House (later Grand Theatre) was built in 1886 and for many years was the best theatre in San Antonio. It was located at 303 Alamo Plaza. It stayed in business until the 1930's when it closed and was razed in 1954 to make way for H. L. Green Dept. Store. Since then H. L. Green has been razed for redevelopment along Alamo Plaza and part of the river entrance and the stores to the sides leading to Hyatt Regency Hotel is where it stood.

Anna Held, wife of Flo Zigfield of the Follies, entertained at the Grand Opera House in the 1890's. She won $10,000 playing the roulette wheel at the Silver King Saloon on Main Plaza while she was here. She was known for taking baths in milk.

Doug Travers, Sr. was an usher in the Grand Opera House and he went on to become a vice president of RKO in New York.
The photographs to the right are part of the collection at the Institute of Texan Cultures, Theatre Collection,  in San Antonio.
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