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John Eberson (1875-1954) was born in Cernauti, Bukovina, part of Romania in 1875 and immigrated to the United States in 1901. He studied electrical engineering at the University of Vienna. He settled in St. Louis, MO. and began working for Johnston Realty and Construction Company and in 1904 set up his own practice which he moved to Chicago in 1910.

He was involved in four theatres in Texas. The Majestic Theatre in Austin (1915) (later renamed Paramount Theatre), the Majestic Theatre in Dallas (1921), the Majestic Theatre in Houston(1923, his first atmospheric theatre) and the Majestic Theatre in San Antonio (1929, one of the last atmospheric theatres built). The Majestic Theatre in San Antonio opened in June, 1929, soon followed by the stock market crash in October, 1929. The Depression followed and by 1932 the theatre business was having troubles.

John Eberson brought his son Drew (1904-1989) into the business in 1926 and the practice was moved to New York in 1930. Over the decades they designed over 1200 theatres. Above material was from landmark Preservation Commission, May 16, 2006, Designation List 374 LP-2193. See first link below.

Below you will find twenty-four links showcasing the career of John Eberson.

John Eberson, Loew's Paradise, pda from Landmark Preservation Commission, May 16, 2006 (Excellent source on John Eberson)

John Eberson, Deco Dream

John Eberson, Civic Theatre, Akron, Ohio

John Eberson Collection

John Eberson Collection, Univ. of Penn.

John Eberson, Historic Movie Theatres

John Eberson, Moorish Revival

John Eberson, Off-Stage with Ken Stein

John Eberson, Palace Theatre, Marion, Ohio

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John Eberson, Bethesda Theatre

John Eberson, Capitol Theatre

John Eberson, Jewel Theatre

John Eberson, Loew's Paradise Theatre

John Eberson, Majestic Theatre, San Antonio

John Eberson, Orpheum Theatre, Wichita, Kansas

John Eberson, Palace Theatre

John Eberson, Paradise Theatre, Chicago, IL

John Eberson, Paramount Theatre, Anderson, IN

John Eberson, Penn Theatre, Washington, D.C.

John Eberson, Rialto Theatre

John Eberson, Silver Theatre

John  Eberson, Tampa Theatre

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