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The City Directories of 1909 and 1910-11 are used for determining the names and addresses of the Nickelodeons. The later directories of 1913, 1914, and 1915 list some of the early silent theatres as well as some of the nickelodeons that held or morphed into silent theatres. Below is my interpretation of the City Directories and the theatres that were nickelodeons:

Bijou Picture Show, 505 W. Commerce
Dixie Moving Picture, 314 E. Houston
Moving Picture Show, 506 E. Houston
Starr Moving Picture, 204 E. Houston
The Lyric, 701 E. Houston

All of the above listed in the 1909 City Directory.

Bijou Theatre, changed its name and moved to 402 E. Houston
Cozy Moving Picture Theatre, 237 E. Houston
DixieMoving Picture changed its name to Dixie Theatre (same address)
Ideal Moving Pictures, The, 422 E. Commerce
Imperial Theatre, 318  E. Houston
Marvel Picture Show, 220 1/2 E. Houston
Newman's Theatre, 514 E. Houston Street, 1911.
Palace Moving Pictures, 105 W. Houston
Picture Show, 336 E. Houston
Starr Moving Picture changed spelling (dropping an r) and called itself Star Theatre
and the address is different
Wonderland Moving Pictures, 506 E. Houston Street, 1910; Wonderland Picture Show, 1910-1913; Wonderland Theatre, 1913-1916; Pearl Theatre, 1916-1921; Rivoli Theatre, 1921-1930.

Beginning in the 1913 City Directory, some of the Spanish Theatres were also listed as well as bigger theatres.

I would include:
Eagle Picture Co., 201 1/2 W. Houston (J. A. Sevin, Mgr.), 1913 City Directory
Crescent Theatre, 223 E. Houston St., 1914 City Directory, 1912-1914.
(note: beginning in 1914, Houston changed to Houston St.)

Another theatre I want to include is Big Tent Theatre which I discovered years ago advertised in the newspaper. Its address was E. Houston & Nacogdoches. It existed from 1906-1908.

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