San Antonio Theatres:
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Cinerama SanAntonio
     Back in the early 1950's, Cinerama, Inc. planned on building a Cinerama Theatre in San Antonio. Plans called for a theatre around San Pedro and what would be Loop 410. The plans died when the corporation went bankrupt.

Roman Garden Theatre
     I completely missed this theatre. I was at the Harry Ranson Library on September 10, 2007, and I was researching the Karl Hoblitzelle Interstate Theatre Circuit collection. I came across the sketch plans for a theatre name the Roman Gardens. I believe these are early plans for either the Aztec Theatre, Empire Theatre or the Majestic Theatre. No dates were written on the plans. I ordered a cd with the sketch plans and they will be on this page at a later date. It appeared to be a very opulent theatre and if it had ever been built I would have heard about it, so I can only draw the conclusion that it was a prelinary plan that was never produced.

The Roman Garden Theatre was planned by Hoblitzelle but never built.

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