San Antonio Theatres:
Now & Then
Past & Present

This photograph was from a post card in the 1940's, provided by Gerald Lyda.

The above photograph is from the Paul Adair collection and is used by permission of San Antonio Theatres History Website.

Double click on the Photo Album below to see a slide show. Some of these images were taken by Gary Yantis.

Texas Theatre was located at 103 E. Houston  Street and opened on December 17, 1926.  It was the second atmospheric  theatre built in San Antonio. The theatre was razed in 1979, except the facade  which was incorporated  in a new building at the site. The photograph  below is Earl  Able at the organ. He was a mainstay for many years and then left and  opened Earl Abel's Restaurant.

This image was from a local newspaper.

The second and third photographs were taken by Gerald Lyda.
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