San Antonio Theatres:
Now & Then
Past & Present

Soledad Rooftop Natatorium. Owned byInterstate Theatres in 1915 and by the Grand Theatre in 1916. Named changed to Solo Serve Rooftop Natatorium. Located above Solo Serve on Soledad between Houston St. and Commerce Street. Fronted above the San Antonio River. On summer nights people sat on the rooftop and watched movies, danced and ate watermelon.

The photograph to the right was shot on 35 mm film by Gary Yantis on February 16, 1985.

Don Ton Park was located on the Riverwalk near Hard Rock Cafe. There were two screens set up on the banks of the San Antonio River showing silent movies. The year was 1916. And of course there was no Hard Rock Cafe and there was no Riverwalk.

Prof. John Igo provided this next theatre. It was called Orange Crush Outdoor Children's Theatre. You could get into the theatre only by providing Orange Crush bottle caps. It showed silent cartoons. It was located on the northside of San Antonio in the 1930's.

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