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The above photograph is from the Paul Adair collection and is used by permission of San Antonio Theatres History Website.

Five new Uptown Theatre pictures added November 10, 2007. See pics--movie theatres 009-014. Photos taken by Gary Yantis on November 9, 2007.

Double click on Photo Album to see a slide show. Photographs were taken by Gary Yantis.

Uptown Theatre, also called Victor's Uptown was located at Fredericksburg Road and Ashby. It was built in 1928 by the Commun ity Theatres and sold to Hoblitzel's Interstate Theatre Circuit in 1942. It closed in 1956. In later years it was also called the Arts Theatre. St. Ann's Parish owns the property today. 

Interesting anecdote from Prof. John Igo:
Back in the 1930's, a union was unhappy with the theatre ownership and planted a bomb in the lobby. The explosion created a large hole in the lobby. The owners response was to create a fountain over the crater. Prof. Igo visited the theatre as a child and was so fascinated by the fountain, he didn't want to go in to see the movie. His mother had to pull him away.

The two photographs above were taken by Gerald Lyda.
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