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Thanks to Paul Adair for the following information:

The Woodlawn Theatre opened on Friday, August 17, 1945. The Woodlawn opened with "National Velvet" for two days. Sun-Mon: "Between Two Women". Tues-Wed-Thurs: "Bring on the Girls"
The following week, Friday, Aug 24 and  Sat, Aug 25:"Having Wonderful Crime"
Sun-Mon:"I'll Be Seeing You" Tues-Wed-Thurs:"Sudan"
Fri-Sat: "Earl Carroll Vanities"

End of August.

Aerial view of Woodlawn Theatre from Google Earth.

Thanks to Jonathan Pennington, Executive Artistic Director and owner of the Woodlawn Theatre, for allowing me to take pictures of the interior of the Woodlawn Theatre on Friday, November 9, 2007. The photographs have been added to the Photo Album below on November 10, 2007.

Double click on the Photo album below to see a slide show.  The photographs in the album were  taken by Gary Yantis.

Woodlawn Theatre, later Woodlawn I & II was located at 1920 Fredericksburg Road at Donaldson. It was built and managed by Hoblitzel's Interstate Theatre Circuit.  The architect  was John Eberson, who also designed the Laurel Theatre on San Pedro. The theatre opened Friday, August 17, 1945 and continued in operation until the late 1970's. After that time it was  closing and opening. During the Eighties it was used for live conserts.
The owner of the property was Joseph J. Barshop.
Thanks to Ann Yoklavich and her book, "John Eberson's Theaters in Texas", February 1987.
Also in 1980, a new owner, from Houston, leased the Woodlawn Theatre and was going to show art films, foreign films and I got to meet the owner and I created the Woodlawn Theatre  Booster Club to encourage  attendance.  It worked for a few months and then the owner went out of business. 

Here is a link to a company that is presently working on restoring the theatre and is producing shows: Amphisphere Theatre Productions

You may also reach them at Woodlawn

This photograph was taken by Gerald Lyda.
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